Mushroom Chocolate Bars

Funny World of Psilocybin Mushroom Chocolate Bar

I think that mushrooms have the power to guide people into a more developed state of mind, enabling them to move past the immaturity of the previous 12,000 years.

Kilindi Iyi
A bar of mushroom chocolates, tucked within an ocean blue box with gaudily serifed white text, wouldn’t appear out of place on the shelves of my neighborhood Erewhon in Los Angeles. Its package boasts that it is 70% organic chocolate with a berry-forward aroma, vegan, gluten-free, and pesticide-free.

Chocolate mushrooms benefits won’t be hard to see, in contrast to other chocolates improved with mushroom adaptogens that hint at significant advantages. And before they appear on any grocery store shelves, a very long period will pass. The first telltale sign is how difficult it is to remove the sweets from the kid-proof package. This is because it has a premium psilocybin chocolate bar that has been lab-tested.

Take our mushroom chocolate before and after sex

However, as a recent study indicates, some mushroom chocolate bar eaters may experience better sex when the effects wear off.

Imperial College London sent a press release announcing a new study that they say is the first scholarly investigation into the potential effects of psychedelics on sex. According to the study, individuals who used magic mushrooms for a range of purposes reported better sex for weeks or even months after using them.

Researchers at the school’s Centre for Psychedelic Research combined groups of people who used psilocybin for ceremonial, recreational, and mental health purposes, and administered self-reported sexual experience questionnaires to 261 participants once before and twice after taking the drug, at four weeks post-trip, and six months later.

In a particularly intriguing clinical trial, almost half of the 59 participants who took psilocybin chocolate shrooms for depression reported that their arousal and interest in sex increased. This is a pretty significant finding, given that antidepressant medications are known to lower libido and the ability to experience orgasm.

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